You Can Avoid Diabetes Complications - Here's How

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Diabetes mellitus complications usually arise when one is unable to control them from happening. Most of the time, the serious complications of diabetes are the common causes of the mortality and morbidity arising from the disease. Among the serious complications of diabetes mellitus are stroke, heart disease, infection and gangrene that usually begin from an infected wound with a poor healing process. The ultimate diabetic care is to prevent these complications from happening. Here are some ways that you can avoid diabetes complications.

Knowledge is power

Be informed about your condition. There are types of diabetes that you should know about. It is important that patient education is observed where the patient is made to understand by their doctor regarding the nature, course, symptoms, management and the prevention of complications of diabetes. Self help is important and the patient himself is a major key player in taking care of their health against diabetes complications. Members of your diabetes care team — doctor, diabetes nurse educator and dietitian, for example — will help you learn the basics of diabetes care and offer support and encouragement along the way. But it's up to you to manage your condition. After all, no one has a greater stake in your health than you.

Avoid nicotine

 Nicotine increases the risk for diabetes complications. If you have been smoking and find it difficult to quit you can always seek medical intervention in order to help overcome your bad smoking habit. The risks of smokers to diabetes complications are almost double than from non-smokers. If you care for your health, you can always stop smoking now before you start experiencing the adverse side effects of nicotine to your health which further complicates your diabetes.

Control cholesterol level

Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly can go a long way towards controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol. Sometimes medication is needed, too. Diabetics are always prone in developing cardiovascular diseases. Eating more fruits and vegetables and observing a healthy lifestyle could help maintain your cholesterol in its ideal and healthy level.

Observe proper foot care

The nerves along the feet are always prone to poor circulation among diabetics. This is because when the blood sugar level is high, it causes damage to the nerves in the lower extremities resulting to poor blood circulation. As a result, wound healing is poor especially along the distal part of the extremities like the feet. Proper foot care requires cleaning the feet frequently and keeping it dry, moisturizing the skin and protecting the feet from blister formation using protective shoes.

 Observe a regular check-up

Seeing your doctor regularly will help you get better diabetes management. As your condition changes, your needs also change making it necessary to be constantly evaluated by your doctor to check whether there is a need to adjust your medication and to provide you adequate diabetes complication preventive measures. 

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You Can Avoid Diabetes Complications - Here's How

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You Can Avoid Diabetes Complications - Here's How

This article was published on 2012/11/12