Symptoms of Canine Diabetes

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Diabetes in dogs is becoming more of an issue than most people think. Because of this there are a few things that you need to keep an eye on with your dog in order to help figure out whether or not they might have canine diabetes.

These symptoms aren't exact for just diabetes, though. They could end up leading to some other health issues, but they should get your attention so that you can have your vet check them out.

If you happen to notice that your dog has started to drink more water then there could be concern that they have diabetes. Dogs that drink more water than usual could be showing signs of high blood sugar as they are trying to flush the excess glucose with the water. With excessive water drinking comes excessive urination. You may not notice the water drinking, but you could notice the excessive urination.

If your dog seems to have become lethargic and is napping more than normal this could also be a sign of high blood sugar levels. If they aren't moving around as much as they used to then there is a good chance that the dog will gain weight as well. Another thing you should watch for is your dog constantly eating and being hungry but losing weight. Keeping a close eye on your pet's weight is one way of preventing diabetes from even starting.

If your dog's breath has started to take on a sweet smell rather than the "dog's breath" that is normal for canines, then you should be extremely concerned and take it to the vet immediately. This can turn into a full blown attack of ketoacidosis, which is deadly if not treated immediately. If your dog shivers or shakes for no reason, this could be a sign of hyperglycemia, which is low blood sugar, and this can also be as dangerous as high blood sugar for your pet.

Repeated urinary tract infections can also be a sign of diabetes in your pet and should be discussed with your vet. There is also the fact that your dog might not show any of these symptoms at all. Regular blood tests and checkups by your vet should give you peace of mind, though.

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Symptoms of Canine Diabetes

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This article was published on 2010/12/03