Some common Symptoms of Diabetes

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When glucose begins to build up in the blood stream a whole series of symptoms of diabetes will occur. However, the symptoms of diabetes may not proof the occurrence of diabetes; the occurrence of any of the symptoms of diabetes may  logically lead the person to do a blood glucose test. Diabetes is a hereditary disease, and there are three types of diabetes

  • Pre diabetic stage
  • Diabetes Type 1
  • Diabetes type 2

A person is pre diabetic if the blood sugar is bit higher than the normal. It is revealed by blood glucose test at several occasions. Diabetes Type 1 is the stage where the body does not produce insulin that ultimately leads to accumulation of glucose in the blood. Whereas diabetes Type 2 is the stage where blood sugar is habitually higher than normal due to impaired insulin production or the inability of the blood cells to utilize the insulin. Here are listed some of the common symptoms of diabetes:


Usually body metabolizes glucose converting it into energy which results in powering up the activity. If the body is not able to metabolize glucose, then fat is metabolized into energy. However, this alternate method is not efficient and the body goes in negative calorie effect, ultimately resulting in fatigue.


As the concentration of blood sugar boosts up, the brain sends a thirst signal so that the person drinks water; as a result, excess sugar in the blood gets diluted. If a person on an average drinks 3 glass of water a day and it increase to 5 glasses a day, on e must consider a blood glucose test in order to find out the correct reason behind the thirst.

Excessive urination

If a person has type 2 diabetes, he will urinate more. However, excess intake of water results in excess urination. As a matter of fact, urine contains excessive sugar that can not be accumulated due to which the urine tends to be dark yellow.

Excessive hunger

In order to control the sugar level, the pancreas will increase the production of insulin. In fact, insulin breaks down into glucose in the blood and also triggers a sensation of hunger.

Loss in weight

The person suffering from diabetes tends to lose weight without any effort. This happens due to the inability of the body to absorb glucose as well as frequent urination.

Wounds take time to heal

The wounds of a person take time to heal as the immune system becomes weak due to diabetes. However, it can be commonly found in a woman in case of bladder and vaginal infections.

Dryness of skin

A person suffering from diabetes may face the problem of drying of skin. This happens due to peripheral neuropathy as a result of which the circulation and proper functioning of sweat glands are hampered that results in itchy and dry skin.

Blurred vision

The high level of glucose damages blood vessels and pulls out the fluid from the eye lenses thus affecting the ability to see. However, if ignored it could lead to blindness.


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Some common Symptoms of Diabetes

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Some common Symptoms of Diabetes

This article was published on 2013/06/12