Diabetes - The Need For Diabetes Patients

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Diabetes is a chronic disease, a concern for the community today. According to the World Health Organization, over 30 million people with diabetes. For many people around the world, diabetes is a disease quite common, it should be well heeded. In particular, diabetes associated with other diseases are major threats to health. So what is diabetes? Treatment and prevention like?
Diabetes is a chronic disorder caused by sugar metabolism, protein and fat in the body. Characteristic of diabetes is when blood sugar levels higher than allowed and sugar in the urine. Whether adults or children on an empty stomach, blood sugar per 100ml of plasma is 65-105mg%, 1 hour after eating blood sugar rose to 140-160mg%. But most still do not exceed 180mg%. Normally there is no sugar in the urine.
Diabetes is divided into two types: type I diabetes (also known as diabetes in young people, also known as insulin dependent diabetes) and diabetes type II (or diabetes are not dependent on insulin). So the best way to determine diabetes is to test blood to determine blood sugar. The doctor said: "When patients feel good appetite, food cravings, drink more water, urinating more, but still lean more attention must be considered if you have diabetes or not. To detect this is very easy to test blood sugar. If fasting blood glucose test two times, which are on the random test is to determine whether it is 126mg diabetes. In addition, diabetes can also detect complications such as leg ulcers, palpitations, myocardial infarction, cerebral stroke or diabetes detection stage renal failure patients. "
The most important thing that we know diabetes can affect health and how the complication. According to experts, diabetes will lead to a variety of complications such as heart disease, which affects blood vessels, such as the eyes, kidneys, nerves and major blood vessels in the heart and atherosclerosis, high blood pressure. About 50% of diabetic patients with retinopathy eye disease after 10 years - 85% after 15 years. Additionally, diabetes also affects nerve: numbness, headaches, burning sensation or reduced spending. Because the blood vessels to feed the poor should hurt more difficult to cure, there are cases of necrosis to cut the spending. Even women who are pregnant, diabetic effect for both mother and fetus.
Before the dangerous complications of diabetes, so the question is the diet of patients like? According to doctors, the way we normally use everyday sweet taste, especially with saccharine sweetness is very high: higher than 30 -1. 000 times higher than normal sugar. Therefore, people with diabetes should not use too much sugar normal, with the more saccharine should not.
Currently, there are a sugar named Isomalt - was the Committee on Food and the World Health Organization and World Food organization recognized as safe food. This sugar is produced entirely from natural materials, greatly reducing energy, not fermented, limit and prevent tooth decay and obesity prevention. In addition, Isomalt is a solution to stabilize blood sugar for pregnant women. It is also useful for diabetics and dieters in all subjects, from children to adults.
To prevent diabetes, doctors make recommendations: "Except for some cases of diabetes known cause, such as gestational diabetes or diabetes caused by some drugs, such as prevention, also back issues of environmental impact on diabetes prevention, only those factors. Such as those with sedentary lives, physical inactivity, overweight, eating plenty of fat for us to lose weight, increase exercise, reduce fat. In modern times also prone to stress-prone diabetes. So we need to reduce the risk factors to limit or reduce the disease appeared later "
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Diabetes - The Need For Diabetes Patients

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This article was published on 2011/01/28